BIEL Stanisław (Stanisław of Nowe Miasto, Albinus)—professor of theology, humanist-pedagogue, b. 1457 in Nowe Miasto (near Przemyśł), d. August 27, 1541 in Kraków.

In 1475 or 1476 he began studies in the faculty of arts at the Academy of Kraków, where in 1481 he became a bachelor, in 1485 a master of liberal arts, and dean from 1492 to 1493 and from 1502 to 1503. For about 15 years he was lecturer there and primarily discussed the work of Ovid and Virgil (Metamorphoses, Bucolics, The Aenead) from 1487 to 1489, and Aristotle (especially the Ethics and Metaphysics) from 1489 to 1503. Toward the end of the fifteenth century he began theological studies and at the beginning of 1500 he became a bachelor of theology. Thereafter he left to Italy and Germany. There he became familiar with the ideas of Renaissance humanism and studied theology further. He later displayed elements of humanism in various speeches on special occasions (we know of his speech in 1509 to welcome Zygmunt the Elder as Zygmunt was returning after a victorious battle against the Walachs), and in his epistolographic textbook Exordia epistularum published in 1512. After returning to Poland he received a promotion to doctor of theology on May 16, 1503 in Kraków. In 1517 he became dean of the faculty of theology. From 1509 to 1532 he was frequently the rector of the Academy of Kraków. From 1528 to 1537 he was its vice-chancellor, and in 1520 he took the position of canon of the Kraków chair. From 1529 to 1543 he wrote commentaries and explanations to St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica II–II (mss BJ 2207, 2222, 2228). He was also active in the field of astronomy and astrology in the faculty of liberal arts. He is best known, however, for the high university functions he performed in his life. He left a small collection of books when he died.

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