BIEGACZEWICZ Wojciech Jan (Biegacewicz)—philosopher and theologian, b. around 1711 in Małopolska [Little Poland], d. March 6, 1767, probably in Kraków.

He studied at the Acadey of Kraków where in 1731 he earned a doctorate, and subsequently was a professor of rhetoric and philosophy. In 1749 and 1750 he was dean of the faculty of arts. In 1750 the chapter of the collegiate of St. Anne in Kraków, of which he was the canon and dean, entrusted to him to office of historiographer of the Academy (Biegaczewicz’s chronicle, mentioned in the protocols of chapter’s sessions in 1766, has not been preserved); in 1751 he became professor of the faculty of theology, and in 1764 he became rector. He was the promoter and postulator in the canonization of John Kanty. He published 24 works of a theological-philosophical and historical character, some of the more important of which are Sidus musis amicum Joannes Cantius (Lw 1737); Ascensus gentilitiorum (Kr 1749); Iactura orbis litterarii (Kr 1759); Quaestio theologica de beatitudine (Kr 1762).

Estr XIII 54–59; Dzieje Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w latach 1364–1764 [History of Jagiellonian University in the years 1364–1764], Kr 1964, I 409.

Stanisław Wielgus

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