BENEDYKT OF KOŹMIN—humanist and theologian, b. in Koźmin (Great Poland), d. November 28, 1559 in Kraków.

Benedykt studied from 1520 to 1525 in the faculty of arts of Kraków Academy, where in 1523 he earned a baccalaureate under dean Mikołaj of Tuliszków, and a master’s degree in 1525 under dean Marcin of Szamotuł. He lectured in the faculty of arts up to 1534, and in 1535 and 1536 he was dean of the faculty after Florian, and also the archdean of Sandomierz. In 1541 he transferred to the faculty of theology. In 1551 he was theological counselor, as an arm of the Kraków Chapter, to the Kraków delegates to the Synod in Piotrków. In 1553 he received a doctorate in theology. He was the vicechancellor of the university and the custodian of the Chapter of St. Florian. He gained recognition as the cathedral preacher. With his testament of November 26, 1559, out of the portion of his estate marked for charitable purposes, he created a fund for the purchase of new books in Greek and Hebrew for the Library of the Collegium Maius of Kraków Academy, of which he had been a member since 1535. The purchase of books would constantly increase the resources of the Library in various domains of science. Proper conditions for study in the Academic Library would also be created. The founder imagined the atmosphere of the Library of the Collegium Maius as follows: “Go where you want, and enter into the most pleasant gardens and meadows adorned with every kind of science, and like a busy and wise bee with lofty mind sit, carrying out words from these, knowledge of things from those, and store in the shelters of memory what you draw out.” (translation into Polish, H. Barycz). Benedykt’s foundation was active from 1560 to1646 and contributed significantly to the growth of the Library of the Collegium Maius. Benedykt wrote a verse based on Virgil as a model, Epitalamium na ślub Joachim II, margrabiego brandenburskiego, z Jadwigą, córką Zygmunta I Starego [Epithalamium on the wedding of Joachim II, margrave of Brandenburg, with Jadwiga, daughter of Sigmund I the Elder] (Kr 1535).

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Kazimierz Wójcik

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