BAYER Ján—philosopher, follower of the F. Bacon’s philosopher, b. around 1630 in Prešov (Slovakia), d. May 14, 1674 in Spišská Podhrada.

He completed his studies in Wittenberg (Germany). In 1659 he became a professor in the Protestant school in Prešov (from 1662 to 1666 he was rector of the school). Later was was a preacher in Bańska Bystrica, and in 1688 he became a Protestant pastor in Spišská Podhradia. He was formed intellectually in the current of Aristotelian philosophy. He was influenced by J. Sperling, D. Sennert, and T. Campanelli. In opposition to the scholastic philosophy that was then dominant in Slovakia he favored F. Bacon’s inductive method. Bayer’s more important works include De notitia Dei naturali (Wittenberg 1658), Ostium naturae (Košice 1662), and Lux mentium (Košice 1663).

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Marian Wnuk

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