BARTHOLOMEW OF RADOM—a philosopher and theologian, b. around 1401, d. 1450.

In 1419, Bartholomew began his studies in the faculty of arts at the Kraków Academy; he received his bachelor’s degree in 1421, and his master’s degree in 1427. Also in 1427 he was dean of the faculty of arts, and again in 1437. Around 1444 he obtained a doctorate in theology. In 1444 and 1445 he was rector of the Academy. The Codex epistolaris (I 337–338) mentions Bartholomew among 26 theologians recognized for their service in the organizing of the Jagiellonian Library.

Of Bartholomew’s works, his Commentary on the “Prior Analytics is known. It is preserved in manuscript (BJ 1978, 1–77); his philosophical and theological thought has not yet been studied in detail.

Statuta nec non liber promotionum facultatis philosophorum ordinis in Universitate Jagiellonica ab anno 1402 ad annum 1849, Kr 1849, 14, 18, 29; M. Markowski, Spis osób dopusczonych do wykładów i do katedry na wydziale teologii Uniwersytetu Krakowskiego w XV w. [List of persons admitted to lectures and to the chair in the faculty of theology of Kraków University in the fifteenth century], HMFS 4 (1965), 172, 228–229; J. Zathey, Biblioteka Jagiellońska w latach 1364–1492 [Jagiellonian Library in the years 1364 to 1492], in: Historia Biblioteki Jagiellońskiej, Kr 1966, I 39, 47; J. Jakubowska, FPS 16.

Kazimierz Wójcik

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