BARTHOLOMEW OF ENGLAND (Bartholomaeus Anglicus)—philosopher and theologian, called doctor proprietatum, lived in the thirteenth century.

After studies in Oxford he lectured from 1225 to 1230 in the Franciscan cloister in Paris, then in Magdeburg. He was the author of a encyclopedia written around 1250, De proprietatibus rerum (Bas around 1470, F 1601, reprint F 1964), a very popular work (in the last two decades of the fifteenth century it was published 26 times; the Latin text is contained in 14 incunabula, with 8 French, 2 Flemish, 1 English, and 1 Spanish). The work was also propagated in Poland. Bartholomew tried to bring together the old natural science with the new natural science that reached the west beginning in the mid-twelfth century through Latin translations of Greek and Arab literature. The syntheses proposed by Bartholomew are often naive, although his attempts to reconcile the Platonic and Aristotelian doctrines concerning matter, form, and motion are notable from the point of view of the philosophy of history.

Marian Kurdziałek

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Marian Kurdziałek, Jan Warmiński

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