BARIÉ Giovanni Emmanuele—philosopher, b. October 10, 1894 in Milan, d. December 3, 1956 in Milan.

Barié completed studies in law and philosophy. From 1933 he lectured on the history of philosophy in various universities. In 1940 he held the chair of theoretical philosophy in the University of Milan. His most important works are: La posizione gnoseologica della matematica (Tn 1925); Oltre de Critica (Mi 1929); L’esigenza unitaria da Talete e Platone (Mi 1931, 19502); La spiritualità dell’essere e Leibniz (Pd 1933); L’io trasendentale (Mi 1948); Il concetto trasendentale (Mi 1957).

He took a clear position in the field of discussion between metaphysics and antimetaphysics. He did not agree with the position that we can speak of being only as transcendent or that from the position of immanence we can regard being as a relic. In his study of Kantian logic, he came to the conclusion that it is possible to connect the alternative solutions of immanence and transcendence (neo-transcendentalism).

Anna M. Zalewska

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Anna M. Zalewska, Reet Otsason

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