BARBIERI Bartolomeo (Bartolomeo da Castelvetro)—philosopher and theologian, the most eminent of seventeenth-century continuators of St. Bonaventure’s philosophical and theological thought, b. January 1, 1615, d. August 24, 1697.

Barbieri entered religious life in 1631. From 1665 he was a lector in Piacenza, and from 1667 in Ferrara. He wrote: Flores et fructus philosophi […] seu cursus philosophici (I–III, Ly 1677); Cursus theologicus (I–II, Ly 1687); Tabula seu index generalis in omnia opera sancti Bonaventurae (Ly 1681). In Modena he published Esercizio della presenza di Dio (1673). Barbieri interpreted Bonaventure’s thought without resorting to Thomistic or Scotistic methods of analysis of philosophical works. He played an essential role in the development of Bonaventurianism. He also studied mysticism.

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Eugeniusz Sakowicz

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