ASCLEPIADES OF TRALLES (Greek ’Ασκληπια δης, Latin Asclepius)—a neo- Platonic philosopher from the sixth century AD who used an eclectic synthesis of the views of various authors.

Asclepiades came from Tralles in Lydia. He was a student of Ammonius. He undertook the task of connecting Aristotle’s and Plato’s thought. He wrote a commentary (lacking in originality) on the first seven books of Aristotle’s Metaphysics. The commentary contained many references to Aristotelian and Platonic solutions. Asclepiades was also the author of a lost commentary on the Introduction to Arithmetic by Nichomachus of Geraza. Most of Asclepiades’ works that we know from their being mentioned were never published.

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Jacek Banaś

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