ANDREW OF MALBORK (Andreas de Marienburg)—a philosopher and theologian in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century, a provost in Dobre Miasto. He studied philosophy at Prague University where he obtained the degree of bachelor in 1391 and the degree of master of the arts in 1394. From 1399 to 1401 with a possible interruption he lectured in the philosophy department of Prague University. In 1401 or 1402 he went to Kraków and began teaching in the philosophy department of Kraków University. In the winter semester of the academic year 1403 and 1404 and in the academic year of 1412 and 1413 he was dean of arts. In his first term as dean he worked with a special commission called together to formulate statutes for the Kraków philosophy department. He probably began theological studies while still in Prague after finishing his studies in the department of arts there. He continued his theological studies in Kraków University where probably in 1403 he was the first to earn the degree of bachelor of the Bible in the Kraków theology department. He earned the title of master of theology in Kraków University around 1413; in April 1414 he appeared at the University of Vienna already as a master of theology. He lectured in the theology department of Kraków probably in 1411 and 1412. His lectures included the Sentences of Peter Lombard. John of Kluczbork began to lecture on Book I of Peter Lombard’s Sentences in the summer semester of 1413 and responded to Andrew of Malbork on a question from Book I connected thematically with distinction 17. John of Kluczbork provides some information in a manuscript (in BUWr I q. 376 f. 186 r): Ista est positio quam respondi Magistro Andree Mergenburg circa Sententiarum I. Scholars have not established any writings with Andrew of Malbork as author. We do not know what he taught or contributed to the science of that time.

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Stansław Wielgus

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