ANDREW OF ŁABISZYN—a professor of theology, rector of Kraków Academy, d. June 10, 1498.

He studied philosophy in Kraków Academy. In 1461 he obtained the degree of bachelor and in 1469 the degree of master of liberal arts, and then began to work at the school. On April 24, 1477, he became dean of philosophy. Soon thereafter he went to Rome to study canon law and in 1478 obtained the degree of doctor of law. In the same year he went as the delegate of Kraków to the parliamentary assembly (sejm) in Piotrków and defended the affairs of the school before King Kazimierz Jagiello. The school had disagreements with the Bishop of Kraków, John Rzeszowski. Andrew of Łabiszyn was removed from the chair and condemned to exile by a decision of the king. In 1479 he returned to work in the Academy. In 1487 he became dean of the arts for a second time and at the same time continued theological studies. In 1489 he was already a doctor and professor of theology. He was the rector and vice-chancellor of the Academy from 1496 to 1497. He was trustee of the chapter of St. Florian in Kleparsz and was also a canon of Kraków Cathedral. In order to protect the Polish language and culture from the Germans in Kraków he established in his testament a perpetual fund for a Polish preacher in the Church of St. Barbara.

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Jacek Banaś

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