ANDREW OF BUK (Andrzej z Buku)—a philosopher, theologian, and professor at the Kraków Academy, b. 1393, d. 1439.

He began his studies in the arts at Kraków Academy in 1411 or 142. In 1416 he obtained his bachelor’s degree, and in 1419 his master’s degree. From 1423 to 1424, and from 1429 to 1426 he studied in the department of theology and around 1430 he obtained a bachelor’s degree. He became a baccalaureus formatus in 1436, and around 1437 he became a doctor of theology. He held the post of Rector of the Academy twice, from 1431 to 1432, and in 1436. From 1432 on he was custodian of the Collegiate of St. Florian. In Andrew’s library there were many manuscripts, mostly concerning astronomy and theology. Andrew of Buk’s work and career have not yet been thoroughly studied.

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Małgorzata Kowalewska

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