ADAM QADMON (KADMON) — in the original tradition of the Kabbala, Adam Qadmon is the first man emanated from the infinite (en soph) God. According to the images of the Jewish Gnostics, Adam Qadmon was immense (154 km high, 151 km wide). At the beginning Adam Qadmon was of two genders but was divided into two parts; the masculine part became the Messiah and the feminine part became the Holy Spirit. In the western modern Kabbala, Isaac Luria (1533-1572) and his disciple Hayyim Vital looked to Philo of Alexandria and stated that Adam Qadmon was the first divine emanation (the Son of God) from which the other emanations arose (the 10 sephiroth) and the world. The paradigm of Adam Qadmon is also present in German mysticism and philosophy, and partially present in French romantic philosophy at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries when Gnosticism and Kabbalism were influential.

E. Benz, Adam, der Mythus vom Urmenschen, Mn 1955.

Piotr Jaroszyński

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