ADAM OF BRZEZIN (Brzeziński) — a philosopher and physician, a professor of the University of Kraków, b. around 1488, d. 1522.

He began studies at the University of Kraków in 1506 and slowly advanced in the degrees of his university career. In 1515 he earned the degree of master of liberal arts, and in 1527 he became a doctor of medicine. He lectured in the philosophical department from 1515 to 1538 with an interruption in 1535 during which time he went to Padua. At that time he lectured on the works of Aristotle and the writings of Cicero and Ovid. After the death of Peter of Oborniki he occupied the chair of medicine where he worked until his death.

The work and writings of Adam of Brzezin have not yet been studied in depth.

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Małgorzata Kowalewska

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