ABREK Andrzej — rector of the Zamojski Academy, professor of rhetoric and moral philosophy, b. in Lvov (date unknown), d. February 2, 1656 in Zamość.

His university studies were in Cracow where in 1627 he earned a baccalaureate in the arts. By his name in the Liber promotionum a later hand has added: "Andreas Abrek Leopoliensis uxorem duxit Zamości". He came to the Zamojski Academy in 1629 at the invitation of Thomas Zamojski and was given the chair of rhetoric, and then the chair of moral philosophy which he lectured for 17 years. He was elected as rector three times: 1641-1642, 1654-1655, 1655-1656. He died during his last office as rector, and prof. Marcin Fołtynowicz completed the term of rectorship. As rector and philosopher he was concerned for the high level of the Academy and took great care of the scholarly printing press, of which he was in charge eleven times (1631-1655). Under the year 1953 there is the note: "Laurea Artium et Philosophiae prima, quam in Alma Acad. Zamoscense […] Andreas Abrek contulit". On the date of Abrek's death in the Universitatis generalis studii Samosciensis album (ms. BOZ 1598, f. 293 v), someone inscribed the following eulogy: "Rector […] Academiae dignissimus. Vir de Academia optime meritus, ut qui non solum eloquentia sed omni scientiarum genere ita ornavit Academiam ut nemini cederet. Utinam in filiis suis, idem semper in Academia vivat. Vivat et in operibus erudissimis a se in lucem editis" (Most worthy rector of the Academy, the man most deserved of the Academy, who not only by eloquence but also by his knowledge of all sciences became such an ornament to the Academy that no one could take his place. Oh that he would live in his sons and in the Academy. May he live also in the most learned works published by him). His two sons Andrzej and Jan were also professors in the Academy.

Along with many panegyric works, Abrek's lectures on rhetoric have been preserved in manuscript form. There are two devoted to Aristotle's rhetoric:Scholia in libros tres Rheticorum Aristotelis collecta studio Andreae Abrek Leopoliensis in Academia Zamoscensi professoris (ms. BOZ 114; undated) and In tres libros Aristotelis De arte rhetorica Animadversiones in anno 1629. Scholia in anno 1632 (ms. BOZ 116; lectures from the years 1629-1632) and around 600 manuscript pages of notes and comments on Cicero's dialogue De partitione oratoria in anno 1630. Animadversiones in anno 1630 collectae (ms. BOZ 120).

In the first lecture on Aristotle's rhetoric, Abrek made many remarks on the relation of rhetoric to dialectic. He emphasized their usefulness and the points they had in common. He distinguished three types of oration (genus deliberativum, genus demonstrativum and genus iudiciale) and described their characteristics. There are interesting remarks on the themes that the students were to elaborate. Some concerned current Polish affairs, e.g. as a thema deliberativum there was the question: Should the Poles wage war against the Muscovites? (Bellum contra Moscos summendum est Polonis?). There is a notation at the end of the Animadversiones which is interesting with regard to the Academy's history. The notation contains the names of 25 students in the course and their later fates (e.g. nupsit, praesbiter, monachus, mortuus, occisus in expeditione contra Kosacos). In the Animadversiones of 1630 Abrek's introductory remarks were on the term "dialogue" and the concept of dialogue, the author and addressee of dialogue, the concept of "partitio" and the reasons why Cicero gave his dialogue that name. Then he summarized the lines of argument in the dialogue and provided a detailed analysis and commentary.

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Kazimierz Wójcik

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