ABICHT Jan HEnryk — philosopher, b. May 2, 1762 in Volkstadt (Schwarzburg), d. June 16, 1816 in Vilnius.

In 1790 he became a professor in Erlangen; in 1804 he assumed the chair of philosophy at the University of Vilnius where he lectured on logic, metaphysics, psychology, ethics, natural law and pedagogy. Initially he was occupied with the critique of Immanuel Kant. He attempted to create his own philosophical system, but he is not considered an independent philosopher. He is known for making German philosophy widely known in Poland. In 1806 he engaged in broad polemics with the opponents of Kant and Kantianism, including Jędrzej Śniadecki. He left many manuscripts and 22 printed works, the most important of which were in the German language: System der Elementarphilosophie (Erl 1795); Verbesserte Logik (Erl 1802); Enzyklopädie der Philosophie (F 1804); Initia philosophiae propriae sic dictae I. Liber psychologiae partem primam continens (WI 1814). A condensed version of a discussion on the limits of experience was printed in the "Gazeta literacka wileńska" [Vilnius Literary Gazzete].

FPS 3; M. Straszewski, Dzieje filozoficznej myśli polskiej w okresie porozbiorowym [History of Polish philosophical thought in the post-partition period] I, Kr 1912; S. Harasek, Kant w Polsce przed rokiem 1830 [Kant in Poland before the year 1830], Kr 1916.

Mirella Nawracała-Urban

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